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6 song EP


released 11 March 2013
All songs written by Cameron Gregory Austin
Produced by Scott Prian and Alex Foretich
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scott Prian
Bass by Britton Wright of The Kennesaw State University Big Band
Vocals on “I Don’t Want To Be Alone” performed by Lia Guzman
Poem on “Broken Record (We’re Wasting Our Lives)” written and performed by Russell Marshall of Rebuker
Artwork hand-drawn and edited by Alex Foretich
Special thanks to Parker Estopinal
In loving memory of Monica J. Austin
And to Holly (for being a friend and talking me down whenever I've been stuck in a tree)



all rights reserved


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Track Name: We Are Not The Same
We belong together, you and I, though we tell ourselves we don’t.
We find a way to see each other as nothing but mistakes,
and that’s what we choose. I know I’m not perfect,
and I’ll regret this. I never, ever meant to hurt you.
And, we belong together, you and I, but I’m afraid of growing old.
You want me by your side, but that’s not where you’ll find me.
I never asked for this wrench in my stomach.
I never asked for your respect.
I never asked for this weight on my conscience,
and I never asked to be your pet.
We’re all alone inside our heads. We’re all alone outside our skin. And I don’t love you, and I don’t respect you. And I don’t blame you for being the person you’ve become. So, paint your eyes another shade, for we are not the same. But we belong together, you and I, though we tell ourselves we don’t. We’ll fade away with all our problems, and all of our mistakes.
Track Name: I Don't Want To Be Alone
Don’t go away.
Just stay and you’ll find
that love is all around you,
but you can’t see a thing.
And when autumn leaves
will you let every color you see
color in the black and white film
that haunts you in your sleep.
(Feel the cold), feel the pain,
or feel nothing, feel nothing but shame.
Why can’t anything just stay the same?
I don’t want to be alone anymore.
Track Name: Two Peas In A Pod
You deny all of my accusations;
you deny the evidence and the truth.
The indoctrination of our youth
has opened up our minds to bigotry.
The representation is on the floor.
Emancipate yourself before they hold you down
and take everything you love.
Hey, I’m getting carried away.
We’re black sheep in the flock;
two ships in the fog;
two peas in a pod.
I want to know the truth, tell me the truth.
I’m sleeping in bomb shelters looking for the answers.
I’m writing letters and holding onto ideas of sustenance.
So, impeach the ones that you love.
This aggression will not stand,
for the pen is stronger than the gun.
To be shot in the mouth, to be stabbed in the throat.
Track Name: Bird In A Cage
Well I looked into the mirror and I hated what I saw.
I bloodied up my hands as I punched myself in the jaw.
Then, I danced around the room painting pictures on the floor,
and I don’t know what the hell I’m living for.
I’ll pull out all my hair, if you pick apart my brain
when I’m locked inside a cage and I’m calling out your name.
I’ll ask you 20 questions, but I won’t say a single word
if you sound like Frank Sinatra wherever your voice is heard.
And I can’t even look at you this way.
Nothing is the same, and everything has changed.
I can’t even look at you anymore.
I feel like I’ve been used. I feel like I’m a whore.
And I know that nothing makes sense and it probably never will.
I’m feeling so inadequate, and I feel so unfulfilled.
And the girl I used to love had her mother’s eyes of blue,
but she had her father’s anger and his alcoholism, too.
I know I won’t be remembered, and no one gives a damn.
Track Name: Broken Record (We've Wasted Our Lives)
Life is just a broken record,
singing the same line
from the same song, day after day.
Because every day I feel the same,
and nothing ever seems to change.
It’s monotonous, and it’s stuck inside my head.
I’m just an hour glass turned upside down,
but there has to be more to life than this count down.
We’re all singing the same line
from the same song, day after day.
It sounds like a count down.
Oh Christ, we’ve forgotten to live.
We’ve forgotten to live;
counting down the days, waiting to die.
Oh Christ, we’ve wasted our lives.
We’ve wasted our lives.

We’ve traded everything we once loved for silver and gold.
We’ve wasted everything, we’ve wasted our time.
We’ve wasted our lives.
Track Name: Survive And Let Survive
I’ll tear down the walls, and I’ll bury myself.
You don’t know me anymore.
You can’t comprehend how badly this hurts.
Maybe I think too much.
It won’t be long before the sun rises.
It won’t be long until I can’t take anymore.
This is not a cry for help.
It’s not your fault and I failed you.
And I hurt you so bad. And I can’t take it back.
And now, I can’t feel anything.
I don’t mean to get in your way.
How can you do this to me?
How can you do this to someone you love?
How can you do this to anyone?
It’s not your fault.
I know you never meant to hurt anyone but yourself.
Don’t forget about me.
These days pass away like old men who never knew
they’re wasting their time.
It’s not your fault. Survive.